1. The only system made that can do 9 tests of a vehicle in 10 seconds.

2. It is a free service to your customers whenever they want to come in and have the test performed.  

3. Performing the free test for your customers increases the value of your dealership. It shows a customer that you care about the condition of their vehicle which increases your CSI.

4. You can test just about any make or model. 


5. The colored print out is easy for your service advisor to explain and easy for your customers to understand.


6. The system will help your labor hours per RO as well as additional parts.


7. Customers believe your advisors when they say there is a problem because they have just witnessed the test. Seeing is believing.


8. Customers appreciate the free test! 


9. The system gives you the ability to test a customer's vehicle in front of them, determining if their vehicle is in good condition or if it requires further inspection and repair.


10. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved. 

       The customer wins because its a free test.  

       The advisors win because they have a concrete tool to use.  

       The technicians win because they have more labor hours.

       Finally, dealers win because they are satisfying their customers and creating more        money for their dealership.