Frequently asked questions

How fast is the test?

The real time results take less than 10 seconds.  Your customers and you will know the conditions of the vehicle in that time period.  The colored printout takes approximately 20 seconds to print.  

Printout is optional. 

How hard is it to do a test?

Simply drive the vehicle on the tracks at walking speed, apply and hold the brakes. The display will show you when to drive off.  

If you can drive a car, you can preform a test.  It's really that simple!

Can you tell me more about the Printout?

The printout is colored  and automatically prints out after each test. 

There are graphs and symbols as well as measured values for each of the test areas.



Red=Needs attention 

How long does it take to install a system?

Depending on the type of installation most systems are installed in less than 8 hours.

Upon ordering how long will it take to get my system?

A system usually ships within three weeks or less.

Do you provide Hands-On training?

Yes, we usually spend two days with the dealership even though you will be using the system within the first hour.

Who is trained on the system?

Everyone from your fixed operations manager, service director, service manager, advisors and shop foreman.,

What is the warranty on the system?

Each system comes with a 2 year parts and labor warranty.  We do not warranty printers because we do not make them. Your system is totally covered other than acts of God and abuse.

What if I have a problem with the system what do I do?

You would call your representative he will get back to you within 24 hours. Much sooner in most cases. The representative will determine if there is a need to send a service individual. 

Are there many service issues?

Actually most systems go for many years without ever needing service.

What is the maintenance on the system?

Very simple.  Spray or hose off the tracks with water as needed.  Wipe down the console from time to time. The system requires no calibration, no belts, no oiling or greasing. 

We have a lot of snow in our region will this affect the system?

The system is designed to handle very harsh conditions. The tracks of the system are hot dipped galvanized and then powder coated to protect against snow, ice and salt.  This ensures a long-lasting system.  

What kind of vehicles can I test on the system?

Please speak to your representative about this. But basically nearly any make or model car or pickup trucks up to 7,000 lbs unloaded. The system can test trucks with extended beds, limousines and even motorcycles. The system is not designed to test box trucks tow trucks or commercial equipment.

Can I enter a tag number or VIN number?

Yes. You can enter the tag number, the VIN number or the license plate number prior to doing the test. The system even comes with a remote control to enter this information from a distance.

How much electricity does the system use?

Equal to a 40 watt light bulb

How accurate is the system?

Amazingly so. The system is designed to test a vehicle dynamically. The system shows what a vehicle is doing in movement versus statically.  In layman's terms the system is indicating how a vehicle is performing on the road.   

What Colors does the system come in?

Currently blue is the standard color. However, we can custom color to fit your need such as red or black.  Please allow a couple extra weeks for custom coloring.