Simply put there isn't any!

There is no other product on the market today that preforms 9 tests in 3 different areas (brakes, alignment and suspension) with real time results in less than 10 seconds.

What the competition would have you believe

The competition claims that their system does the same as the Altesco System.  It simply does not.  

Study what they have closely and you will see that their systems test individual parts of the vehicle. One system checks alignment, while a separate system checks the brakes.  You will have to purchase 2 different systems and even then they are not testing the suspension! 

Time is money

Thats the bottom line.  You know that getting your customers through the service drive as quickly as possible is essential to customer satisfaction. If you had to spend  over 4 mins to test the alignment of each  and every vehicle that comes through your service drive, that time adds up. That's time that neither you nor your customer have. 


If you have 10 cars waiting for service in your service drive and it takes you 4 minutes in total time to do an alignment test, do you really think the 10th customer wants to wait 40 minutes to see if their car needs an alignment? 

This is the reality of some of the systems out there. 

The ALTESCO SYSTEM can test all 10 of these vehicles in less than 8 minutes!!! 

Not only is it testing the alignment but its testing the brakes and suspension as well!

Physically Demanding

At first one may not give a lot of thought to this.  Some systems require the act of placing heads on the tires in order to do an alignment test In the service drive.  Just imagine an individual getting in and out of a vehicle 2 times, then bending to retrieve 4 heads, and bending 4 times to attach them to the tires.  After that physically rolling a vehicle by hand, then bending over to remove the 4 heads, and bending over to replace the 4 heads back on the tower on every vehicle that comes through your service drive. 

Here's a thought if you test 40 vehicles a day your employee would get in and out of a vehicle 80 times hand push 40 vehicles and  bend over 640 times! 

Thats seems like a whole lot of effort just to tell a customer they may need an alignment or not. 


The ALTESCO SYSTEM requires an individual to get into the vehicle, drive on to the test tracks, stop then go.  Thats it!

No bending, no carrying anything and you'll never have to worry about your employee dropping one of those exspensive alignment heads.  

The true difference between PRICE and COST

There is a major difference between price and cost.  Price is how much you pay for something on the purchase day.  Cost is how much it actually cost you over time. 

Some service drive alignment testers on the market today have a purchase price of over $24,000 but thats not the actual cost.  Most of these systems need to be calibrated a couple of times a year along with new car spec software each year.  Also most dealerships need to hire additional personal just to do the test.  These are recurring expenses.   

When you figure in these additional expenses year in and year out plus the original price of these systems only then will you know the actual cost. 

On the other hand the ALTESCO SYSTEM is based on one price which is the actual cost. 

Why?  Because there is no reoccurring cost.  The reason is that the system needs no annual  software upgrades.  There is no need for calibration, the system is a self-calibrating type.  Also the system is so simple to use that if you can drive a car, you can perform a test. 

Bottom line the Altesco System is a one time cost.