Altesco Vehicle Safety Testing System

Altesco System Performs 9 Tests on 3 Critical Automotive Systems in 8 Seconds

Brakes OK | Brakes NOT OK

During a brief test, the Altesco Automotive Diagnostic System screen flashes real-time messages warning you of dangerous conditions in your automotive system. We Tested a “Brand-New Cadillac”and Here’s What Happened

Alignment OK | Alignment NOT OK

You and your service adviser receive a detailed explanation on a full-color computer print out. Straight Talk About Crooked Wheel Alignment

Suspension OK | Suspension NOT OK

Altesco can give you an early-warning of potential problems and save you money by catching small problems before they turn into costly problems. Why Altesco Is “Worth Its Weight In Gold”

Your Path to Car Safety Testing

  • Quick: The entire car safety diagnosis, including report processing and output, is completed by your vehicle maintenance adviser in less than 60 seconds.
  • Convenient: Altesco automotive testing equipment is now in use in auto service centers all across the United States, with more locations coming online rapidly.
  • Understandable: Even though the Altesco automotive testing system performs complex car safety tests, the graphical output and go/no-go indications are designed so that non-technical vehicle owners can easily comprehend the results and make better vehicle maintenance decisions.

Automotive Testing Equipment Designed for Accuracy and Convenience

Data-Capture Tracks

Your Car Safety Test begins with a simple step: a Vehicle Maintenance Adviser drives your vehicle onto the specially-designed track system and brakes your car to a sudden stop. This simple action enables state-of-the-art sensors built into the tracks to capture critical test data needed for vehicle maintenance evaluation.

Processing Console

The heart of the Altesco automotive testing equipment is the Electronic Processing Console, a custom-built computer processor designed to analyze vehicle maintenance data captured by the Data-Capture Tracks. The customized computer chip performs complex calculations to compare the data generated from the car safety test and compares the results to safety standards applicable to your vehicle.

Digital Output Monitor

The Altesco automotive testing equipment displays the results of your car safety test on a large-view monitor, where you and your vehicle maintenance adviser can view and evaluate the car safety test data. In addition, the system generates a full color print out of a report showing the results of your car safety test, formatted so that even a non-technical person can understand the findings.

The Altesco Vehicle Maintenance Advantage

  • Cost-Effective: By catching problems earlier, you can make better vehicle maintenance decisions. The pay-off is in longer life of critical parts of your brakes, suspension, and alignment systems.
  • Accurate: The track sensors and data-processing console are designed for even greater accuracy than the calibration systems typically used in vehicle maintenance shops.
  • Life-Saving: Overlooked brake, suspension, and alignment problems can cause accidents involving loss of property, personal injury, or even death. Alstesco helps you stay on top of these top-three safety issues.
  • Environmentally-Green: Altesco automotive testing equipment gives you an early warning about vehicle maintenance problems that can affect tire wear. The result? Longer tire life and fewer worn-out tires clogging your local garbage landfill.
  • State-of-the-Art Engineering: We searched around the world to bring you the engineering excellence your family vehicle needs and deserves. You won’t find more sophisticated and convenient automotive testing equipment anywhere on earth.

Does Your Auto Repair Center Provide Altesco Testing?

Doesn’t your family deserve the ultimate in car safety testing for your family vehicles? In the time it takes to check your oil, the Altesco automotive testing system can provide you with critical data to help you make informed choices about safety and vehicle maintenance.

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